On Monday, July 16th, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the US and its western allies of using blackmail to secure a UN Security Council resolution on Syria. The draft resolution, circulated by members of the British delegation, included economic sanctions on the Syrian government and could pave the way for a future UN-backed intervention.

Last year, in the immediate wake of the Arab Spring, covert operations and media campaigns were launched to secure even greater western economic control in several north African and the Middle Eastern countries. As part of a drive by western capital to secure its hold over the world, the US is as determined as ever to secure political dominance over the region. Much of this is done by using (and in some cases creating) proxies to isolate and overthrow one obstacle after another. Part of the goal of overthrowing the Syrian government led by Bashir al-Assad is to weaken and isolate Iran, for example. The ultimate goal of US imperialism in all of this is to maintain its superior position over not just the people of the world but vis-à-vis Russian and Chinese capital as well.

Along with attempting to blackmail UN SC member countries, the US has also been busy blackmailing African countries to drop economic ties to Iran. Kenya recently yielded the threats emanating from Washington and canceled planned oil imports from Tehran. Around 100-200 US troops work closely with the Kenyan military as part of a US shadow war in Africa.  Kenyan officials were likely served the message that if they didn’t go along with the west on Iran they could face the “consequences” of being violently destabilized like Syria.

All nations and peoples which desire political self-determination and economic justice must stand in opposition to offenses by US imperialism wherever they occur. United in solidarity, the peoples of the Third World and their allies in the First World can defeat US imperialism and throw off the shackles of capitalism.







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  1. The ultimate goal of the American Empire is world conquest.

    The Americans seek to achieve their predatory goals by destabilizing, balkanizing, and and subjugating any nation that opposes the American world order.

    America is like the Nazi Third Reich in its ambitions–only more devious and cunning as the USA hides behind its 200-year old national lies about freedom, democracy, and liberty.


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