A new independent documentary, Red Ant Dream, chronicles the recent struggle by India’s Maoist. From the looks of the trailers, it may be fairly interesting.

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  1. I just got this documentary in the mail earlier this week and watched it today with a few friends. Even those who weren’t Marxists found the film to be interesting and moving, though a bit confusing. I was able to follow it because I was already familiar with the situation in Chhattisgarh and Maoist theory, but I can see why they were confused. The Naxalite struggle in India unfortunately remains largely unknown to Leftists I have interacted with. Because of this reality, hosting a screening of this documentary could be a good opportunity to show the continuing relevance of a politics(i.e. Maoism, protracted peoples’ war, etc) that is unfortunately relegated to the dustbin of history by many of those on the Left. It isn’t particularly heavy on theory, making it accessible to those uninitiated, though a discussion of the film and the politics of Maoism would likely benefit those in attendance.

    One of the strong points of the film, in my opinion, was its clear depiction of the severity of environmental racism and the role of imperialism in creating it. Liberal environmentalists as well as Leftists who fail to honestly engage with the very serious contradictions between Capitalism and a healthy, thriving planet obviously maintain political lines that are incomplete and will both result in ecological ruin.

    I also was particularly glad to see that intellectuals and theoreticians were not given the limelight in discussions of the political situation facing the Adivasi. While they were present within the film and played an important role, the stories and experiences of the Adivasi and guerillas themselves were primary driving force of the film.

    The film is obviously biased towards supporting CPI(Maoist), which is a good thing. It humanizes the guerillas and serves to counter the Indian bourgeoise media that seeks to demonize them and delegitimize their struggle and politics. It flies in the face of opportunist “marxists-leninists” in India who denounce the Peoples War. It demonstrates the life-or-death circumstances that have driven the Adivasi people to armed struggle.

    I live in Denver if RAIM would be interested in trying to set something up.


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